Move in/out

Moving is stressful, but there are things you can do to reduce its effects both before and during the move. Time is not always in your control. Sometimes a move sneaks up on us and we have to act fast. Sometimes it's difficult to ask for help. But remember, most people have been through at least one move in their lives and understand how hard it can be.


So let us do it for you and help us reduce your stress:

  • Clean all surfaces in the property incl. washing kitchen incl. oven and all cupboards
  • Hygienic clean bathrooms, laundry  and toilets inside and out – removing of mould
  • Clean the carpets
  • Clean all skirting boards, fittings and build ins
  • Clean windows inside/out incl. blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Vacuum, mop the floors – floor polishing if required
  • Assist you with packing boxes and organising everything ready to move in or out.

Reach out and call us (02) 9661 8989